I can’t taste anything….


I’ve been under the weather the past few days with a cold that just wouldn’t give up. My nose has finally stopped run 24 hours a day, and my throat is allowing me to talk with a normal voice again. No fever, no body ache, just headache, sore throat and a nose that wouldn’t quit.

The worst part about all of this is that I lost my sense of taste. I realized with the stuffed nose, it would be cut down, but it is almost non-existent even today after my nose cleared up.

Went to a Oriental buffet today with my daughter and everything was bland. All the chicken dishes tasted the same. The lo mien was ok, but I think I liked the texture of the noodles. I couldn’t taste spice, salt or other flavors. I wasn’t sure if this was the restaurant or not. They had sushi bar, so I had some of that. Every piece I had tasted just like the one before. The ginger had little zip. The wasabi just cleared my sinuses more, but it had no flavor. Then I realized it wasn’t the restaurant. If ginger slices and wasabi have no flavor, it has to be outside of the food. It has to be me.

For someone who likes to figure out all of the different flavors that go into making food taste good, this is almost worse than the being sick part. I never lost my appetite, but the food since last Wednesday evening has not had any appeal. If this goes on much longer, I think I will have no problem losing weight. Why eat when everything is missing its flavor?

Here are some funny things that are happening with my taste buds:

Cola tastes like lemon-lime drinks tastes like slightly sweetened carbonated water.

Orange juice, cranberry juice, grape juice and sugar water all taste the same.

The only thing that made fish and chicken taste different was the texture.

Potato chips aren’t as good if you can’t taste the salt.

With no taste going on, mushrooms are nasty.

Noodles were ok, but I wasn’t expecting a lot of flavor from them.

Tea tasted just like it should today, before today with no sense of smell, I was drinking hot water.

If this lasts too much longer, I will have quite a list.

8 thoughts on “I can’t taste anything….”

  1. This sounds similar to something I had several years ago. Only then, everything I ate had a terrible taste to it- I would have only wished it could be no taste like you’re experiencing. Get better soon!

  2. I need this sickness….what I wouldn’t give for a lost appetite for a month or two…. 😉 Just kidding, I am way too addicted to food to not want to taste it. I, too, hope you get better soon!!!

  3. Much better now, just no taste to the food. Sore throat, runny nose and head ache all seem to be things of the past.

    good news, I can gargle with listerine for over a minute now. No nasty taste.

  4. Sometimes when I drink cranberry juice, it makes my salivary glands almost hurt – even though you can’t taste it, did you feel your glands burst into action? And yes, being sick is a great diet, though frustrating. I’ve had the same thing when I had all those canquer sores – I couldn’t physically eat because it was so painful. But I of course had to make up for it as soon as I didn’t have so much pain – that’s the common mistake, overcompensating just because you missed the food and the tastes!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. taylhis, I guess I never noticed anything like that with cranberry juice. I’ve always liked it.

    All, I’m feeling fine, but things just don’t taste right yet. Coffee this morning went from bland to sweet to bitter. Not sure why, but every cup of the same kind of coffee tasted different today.

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