Head Games Before The Unknown Hits


I have heard all kinds of forecasts for the next day or so.  I will let Nature take her course and live with what we are given.  This afternoon, Megan and I had made plans to see Shutter Island.  The first I had come into knowledge of the movie was the trailer during the Super Bowl.  I thought it looked awesome… even if Leonardo Dicrapcaprio was the star.  I think the movie about the boat sinking turned me off of his acting talent.

I will give only the vaguest of outlines for those of you wishing to see the psychological thriller.  Leo plays Teddy Daniels, a veteran U.S. Marshall, who along with his young partner, investigate the escape of a patient at a high security “mental institution for the  criminally insane.”

What follows is a great mind game… I really like those types of movies!  We both thought it was very good.  Although definitely not for the 6-8 young children who were with their adult companions.  I am pleased to say that the only time I noticed them was one who started crying 5 minutes after the show began.  Thankfully, one of the adults was quick to take the child out of the theatre.  Of course after the 2.5 hour movie (didn’t notice the length really), we were greeted by nacho and popcorn remains in our path.

On the return trip, snow had begun falling and when we arrived on Union Street, we found fire engines and a police car along the opposite side of the street.  After dropping my companion at her place, I took another route home and was passed by 2 more emergency vehicles.  Hopefully nothing serious.

Here is the trailer for Shutter Island:

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  1. I was wondering about that movie. Leo turned me off too. I can only remember one show that he was in that I even watched all the way through. I think is was “Catch me if you Can”. Was that a movie?

  2. Same here; I really like Tom Hanks. Is that the one that takes place in an earlier time period? I got it mixed up with The Departed, which we just got done watching and yuck – don’t bother. I could take or leave DiCaprio; he was alright in The Departed, but there were so many other things wrong. I thought the previews for Shutter Island looked intriguing ever since I saw them in the theater months ago – I’ve been waiting to check this one out. I am a bit apprehensive, just because The Departed was also Scorsese/DiCaprio, but oh well. I will take the advice of friends 😉
    fyi – Johnson Controls had a mechanical failure that caused a fire on Union Street last night – it’s in the newspaper today. No one was hurt, the building was not damaged, and only one piece of equipment was lost. They always exaggerate the number of firefighters when they get a call, which often makes the incidents seem more serious. But hey, I’d rather have it that way than not having enough to combat the flames. That’s pry why our city has one of the best response times / fire rating in the state!

  3. Right, Tayhis. Catch Me if You Can was set in the 50s/60s. Hanks was an agent on the trail of Leo, I believe. Haven’t seen i either.

    Glad to hear that the incident was not too serious.

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