I Need To Know About A Super Weekend Under The Sea


This weekend has been one of the busiest but most fun I have had in sometime.  It all started Thursday night when a group of us met at the theatre to practice singing the songs we had selected for our concert on Saturday night.  I did not get to practice mine because circuits got crossed and the clip that held the accompaniment to my piece was not there.  But it was fun to see some of the others practice.  Chris practiced his two selections from Jekyll & Hyde.  I had forgotten that the song “I Need to Know” (one of my favorites from the show) had eventually been taken out of the Broadway production. It was replaced by “Lost in the Darkness” which is sung by Jekyll over his comatose father.   I often listen to the Anthony Warlow Gothic Musical Thriller version and find it far superior.  Chris also shone brightly on “Confrontation” which  is sung toward the end of the musical as Jekyll battles the evil that has risen to the surface and is about to totally consume him.

On Friday morning, I had to go to church to practice singing the songs I would lead the congregation in Saturday night.  Then I returned home to practice the song I eventually chose to perform Saturday night at the theatre.  When I decided to sing this weekend, I had two selections picked out that were very special to me and I thought would challenge me; however, they were deemed “not modern enough.”  The theme for the concert was musicals of the past decade.  I eventually chose “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid.  Very fun piece.  However (and I don’t know why it bothers me), I was not able to memorize the entire piece.  But I had fun with it and heard many compliments from some close friends and also from newcomers to the theatre group.  Megan even noted that she could see me one day performing the role of Sebastian on stage.  Another great character with not one but two very memorable songs.  Carol also expressed an interest in eventually performing a duet with me in the near future.  I would relish the opportunity to perform a duet with Chris and one with Carol.  I loved Carol’s duet of “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins.  The song really lends itself well to beautiful harmonies.  I must say that all of the performers as well as the MCs were very good and the evening was a great success.

Super Bowl Sunday found me at work then immediately onto rehearsal.  We got to watch some of the choreography begin to take shape.  One of the signature pieces from Meet Me in St. Louis is the “Trolley Song.”  Just in the beginning of the staging of the song, I can see that it will be very intensive but fun.  However, Grandpa does not get to ride the car.  After rehearsal, I made my way to a game party.  I thought the game was good; sad to say the team I picked was not victorious but it is always fun to watch the game with a large group of friends as spirited as mine.   I will watch the Super Office Special episode tomorrow.

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