Ghost Stories


Back in my past, before I even started school, my older brother would tell me ghost stories before I went to bed. Sometimes he made them up, but at other times he would read stories out of his book of Poe stories.

While I really liked the Poe stories, some of my favorites were the stories he made up. I remember ghosts in the backyard, or down by the river. Werewolves in the park. Vampires in the local schools. I’m not sure if he made them all up, or heard them from his friends, but some were quite scary.

He was, of course, just trying to torment his little brother. Scaring me right before bed would guarantee that I would remain quiet through the night. I would keep my head hidden under the covers, and never let out a peep, just in case the ghosts or goblins would get me.

Unfortunately for me, this all came to an end when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My brother being 12 years older than me went off first to college and then to the Navy, and finally he got married. No more ghost stories every night, but to this day I still like them. Not the Horror movies you see in the movies, but the old fashioned, around the campfire ghost story. I wish I knew a few to tell, but I would love telling a few. I guess I will settle for reading a few Poe stories, or some other good author. Just pure fun.

I guess that is why I liked the old TV show like The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone. Ghost stories told in the old fashion way.

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  1. relatively speaking

    What a character he was. I remember how he still managed to scare us even after he married. We’d get invited to stay the weekend at his apartment & the ghost stories continued. Had a lot of fun but not much sleep.

    How do you like the old shows “One Step Beyond” & “Night Gallery”? Those were fun too.

  2. I forgot those. I remember sitting in the hall behind the swinging doors watching Night Gallery… Had to move fast if mom or dad started toward the hall… 🙂

    You didn’t have the stories every night. Sometimes when he got home late (and got yelled at or not) he would wake me up and tell me one or two. Some were really frightening to a 4/5 year old.

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