Can’t get football, so…


Now I want a sandwich.  I’m watching a show about sandwiches.  Roast beef of all kinds and now a ground beef sandwich that isn’t a burger.  It looks like a sloppy joe without the sauce.  Just cooked ground beef.  It looks good.   It is just amazing the number of ways you can make beef sandwiches.  On to Philly Beef Steaks and Hoagies.

I’m not sure how somebody got a job traveling around the country tasting various sandwiches.  Can I have that job.   Ok, maybe not.  Some of these sandwiches look just bad.

Now this got me thinking of my favorite sandwiches.  I’ve written about my comfort foods before, so I may have to give a list of just sandwiches.   I guess I’m thinking of things that you normally won’t find in restaurants.     I guess this week, I will try a few sandwiches and see what I like the best.

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  1. 1st sandwich…

    I had leftover chicken from the other day, so I made myself an
    “Italian style Chicken sandwich” (Never had it before, so this could be a first anywhere)

    Leftover chicken with peppers and onions (see following recipe)
    2 tbls marinara sauce per sandwich
    Parmesan Cheese

    Slice chicken, add to some peppers and onions, top with marinara Heat in microwave until warm (enough for two sandwiches took 2.5 minutes on reheat). Place on bread/buns. Add cheese.

    Chicken with Peppers and Onions

    4 chicken boneless/skinless chicken breasts
    1 medium onion (wedged)
    1 green pepper sliced
    1 red pepper sliced
    2 garlic cloves (minced)
    about 1/4 cup of chicken stock
    salt/pepper to taste
    1 tbls lime juice
    1/2 to 1 shot of tequila (I’m not sure why I added this, but I liked it better with than without)

    Take the pepper tops and some of the pepper slices (no seeds) and place in the bottom of a crock pot. Add chicken. Add all liquid ingredients. Add the rest of the peppers and onions. Add salt and pepper if desired.

    Cook on high for 2 to 3 hours. Cut into one piece of chicken to check. If peppers on the bottom are burnt you can discard them (that’s why I saved the tops).

  2. Grilled Cheese:
    Butter (yes, real, fattening, butter. deal.)
    Cream cheese
    Provalone, Swiss, Sharp Cheddar, or your cheese of choice. (As many as you like; I like all three in one.)
    Tomato slices (Romas are good.)
    Baby spinach leaves.

    Butter the outsides of the bread, and spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the insides. Layer as follows:
    Bread, butter-side down,
    Cheese slice,
    Tomato slices,
    Cheese slice,
    Baby spinach,
    Cheese slice,
    Bread, butter side up.
    Grill (preferably in a cast-iron pan, because they’re fun), over medium heat, until the bottom is golden. Flip, and grill the other side is also golden. Serve with apple slices, a *really* cold glass of milk, and some potato chips.

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