That’s A WHAT?


We visited our local zoo this weekend (to feed my zoo addiction, it had been awhile), and when IĀ  got home, as usual, I decided to research some of the animals we observed.Ā  As I was researching these animals on the internet, I came across some ultra-cute baby animal pics, and I thought I might make a fun game on my blog of having people guess which animal is what type of baby – HAVE FUN!Ā  Don’t worry about posting your guesses – other people can just ignore them or use them as hints if they get stuck.

delete baby p

delete baby_liger

delete baby beaver

delete baby parakeetHere is an added picture of the same type of animal, a little older – per a request in the comments for a better picture:delete baby keet

delete baby tort

delete peachick

12 thoughts on “That’s A WHAT?”

  1. It looks like a

    A bigger picture would help, but maybe a hamster??
    Box Turtles
    A chicken? Some bird anyway. šŸ˜‰

  2. JustJ is also 1/6.
    I added another picture of the same species of #4 to help out since the creature blended into the hand.
    #2 could be considered a trick question. And #6 is a bird, but it’s going to be difficult to pinpoint which one… I guess I could drop a hint, but I’ll wait for more guesses.

  3. Ok, I was just hoping for a larger picture of #4, but now it looks like something in the parrot family. Seeing how small it was, maybe a parakeet?

    Trick question on #2 Ok then A tiglon or liger (depends on the mother I think)

    #6 — baby peacock/peahen?

    Those are the ones I thought I guessed wrong, now I have to look at the other three to see which ones I guessed wrong.

  4. JustJ has significantly increased his percentage of correct answers, that’s all I’m going to say…
    Oh, and I will also say that perhaps my intro is misleading – not all of these animals are found at our local zoo.

  5. Think most people have guessed, so here are the answers:
    1. duck-billed platypus (it looks fetal, which is how you can tell it’s a marsupial. And the duck bill is SO cute at this age – it looks like some sort of naked mini-muppet!)
    2. Liger – I said it was a trick question because this is a man-made species.
    3. beaver
    4a. and 4b. parakeet
    5. tortoises
    6. peacock – I knew this would be tough since many baby birds look alike, but I think there were some correct guesses.

    Congrats to those of you with correct answers, and thanks for playing! It was fun for me to be able to share these super-cute baby animal pics!

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