Are we sure they aren’t children.


***** Warning Political Post *****

The House vote on the health care bill took place Sunday. On a Sunday??? Why? Couldn’t it wait until Monday? I’m not sure what I think of the bill itself. I don’t have the time or inclination to read 2000+ pages of political mumbo jumbo. If a bill is 2000+ pages most of it is mumbo jumbo. I’m sure most of OUR representatives did not read it either. I don’t care what your political leanings are, I really don’t care what you think mine are. I do think the the people we voted to be in charge of our government really let us down on this bill.

Throughout the whole process, it was like children playing on a playground. “I have the ball, so we will play my way.” “We won’t play your game, you can play with those kids.” “I’ll play my game when I get all the people to play my game.” “We won’t let you play your game.” “Your game stinks!!” “You don’t even have a game.” “Yes we do, but you won’t listen to the rules.”

They fuss, they fight and then in what seems like the dead of night (weekends are usually slow for news). They get together and play. Things were done in back rooms so nobody could see what was going on. Things were promised so that others would play nice. Threaten, cajole or bribe your playmates so they play your game. Sounds more like children to me everyday. When are the people in Washington going to grow up. And when will the voters learn not to send children to do an adults job.

I wonder who got out the scissors to cut somebodies hair….

3 thoughts on “Are we sure they aren’t children.”

  1. Wow – some great points…
    Though I have to wonder, why did you abandon the “no politics, no religion” rule for your blog posts? No matter, I wasn’t saying it was a good rule – I enjoyed reading the rant, and it was very insightful too. Just wondering why the former policy was abandoned…
    This was one piece of current events news that slipped by me – I tend to avoid politics. But when the pastor brought it up during Sunday’s sermon, I thought it worth a read. Unfortunately I don’t understand much of it…

  2. Isn’t that the way politics usually is: a group of adolescents fighting over something large or small? And who has the gum to get stuck in someone’s hair to warrant the scissors for the cutting? That turns back the clock… oops wrong post 😉

  3. Taylhis, politics is generally a boring subject that produces arguments and hard feelings. Sometimes things just hit me the wrong way so I need to comment on them.

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