When You Know The Notes To Play, You CAN’T Play Most A-ny-Thing


This is not meant to be a religious stance.  However, it is meant to be a stance on intelligence.

Ridiculous is what I call it.  A young lady who attempted to take her case to the Supreme Court was not even allowed in the doors.  Separation of Church and State, indeed.  Has the “Pledge of Allegiance” been taken out of the school system yet, or just “Under God”?  The case may be 4 years old but it is just as necessary as it was in 2006 when a high school wind ensemble wanted to perform an instrumental version of Biebl’s Ave Maria as part of their graduation exercises.  Kathryn Nurre and her ensemble chose the beautiful piece which had been performed  VOCALLY at graduation exercises at Everett High School (Everett, WA) one year before!.  However, school officials felt that the vocal-less arrangement would meet with criticism?  Selections were to be “totally secular in nature.”

Let’s see… how many art classes study the works of the Renaissance?  Better cut that out since the vast majority are religious in nature.  Umm… we can’t sing “When the Saints Go Marching In”  or strike us down if we play it instrumentally.  I wonder if Everett High School’s Christmas Concert consists of “Jingle Bells” and “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” Sorry Mare, your “Hallelujah Chorus”… NO CAN DO! “Silent Night’ by candlelight… AXED! I wonder if the officials would be intelligent enough to recognize the original German version (OH, forgive.  All selections must be in English).  I imagine that their Drama Department will not be performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Godspell, or The Sound of Music (shameful) anytime soon.

I applaud Miss Nurre for her bravery in going before the high court to hear her case.  I also say a big fat “BOO” to our government for not even  considering to hear the case.  Before long, schools will go back to the three rs so as not to cause any “criticism.”  At least Justice Alito sided with the young woman.

Ok… rant over… thanks for listening.

4 thoughts on “When You Know The Notes To Play, You CAN’T Play Most A-ny-Thing”

  1. I agree – the whole let’s-try-to-cut-religion-out-of-everything movement is getting really annoying. It’s almost like people go out of their way just to try to cut it out of things that were taken for granted in the past. How can there be religious freedom in this country if many are told they can’t do things because they (however slightly) reference religion?

  2. IF a young American girl is brave enough to stand up for her God Given Rights…(because Rights come ONLY from God NOT the Government) (Read the US Constitution)

    I think it’s time for ALL AMERICANS who believe in our Constitution and the liberty we have because of Constitution….need to get off our big “complacencies” and start speaking out against this Progressive Liberalism that’s fighting to “re invent” our Country.


    1. Sorry, Terri it took so long to approve your comment. I think we both know someone else who would agree… correct?

  3. I’m not very surprised at this. Since the late 60’s there has been a movement to remove religion from all public places. The stance is more of a freedom from religion, not freedom of religion. I’m surprised that the backlash on this hasn’t gained more ground. The Constitution says that the Government will not set up an official religion. With more and more of this secular approach, they seem to be setting up ‘anti-religion’ as a religion.


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