A new adventure


I realize that most of us wake up everyday planning for a new adventure. We make sure that every thing we will need is in it’s place and off we go to find a new challenge. Wait a minute, you don’t do that? You wake up knowing that your day will be almost a carbon copy of the day before? You aren’t looking forward to that daily grind? Life is static?

Do you remember the adventures? Your feelings before they happened? That can’t hold me back attitude that a true adventure brings? Think about the feelings of that first day of school. The night before Christmas. The day before a special family trip. The first day at a new job. That drive to get going and tackle anything given to you that day.

We know what the feelings are like, but they don’t happen everyday for most of us. I am determined to try to make each day an adventure. New experiences are just waiting for me to find them. And if this old man can find the old drive for a few extra days in the week, that would be something.

So tomorrow I will be off on a new grand adventure. Anyone with me?

5 thoughts on “A new adventure”

  1. I can honestly say I don’t have a daily grind – every day is completely different. I am blessed enough to not have to go to a daily grind job, so it helps that I can take responsibility for having fun in doing the things I need to do on a daily basis.
    I like your proposition; it’s a positive attitude to have, and the world would benefit by more people sharing it.

  2. GREAT! I don’t think any two days are the same. Even in those days when you “find yourself in a rut” there is always something in them that makes it unique.

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