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In 4.5 hours I need to be up and getting ready for work. For some reason I just couldn’t sleep. Not much new in this, but it is new that I was asleep and then woke up after an hour or so, and I was wide awake. No strange noises in the house, just the usual late night sounds. Dog is softly snoring. No sounds from the girls’ room. Frogs, crickets, and other night time animals are making their voices heard. But I’m used to all this.

I got on the web, hoping that reading the news and such of the day would be boring enough to put me to sleep. No such luck. It was boring, just not enough to make me tired. So maybe I have something in my head that needs to be written. But since I’m writing about not sleeping, could that really be it?

So I’m just going to re-hash some of the news I read this evening. I’m not even going to supply links, you’ll have to look it up yourself…

Experts predicting gas at $7.00 by the end of the summer, this after an announcement that Saudi Arabia found a new oil site. IMHO, panic is driving the current price of gas through the roof. Some of these so called experts should think before they open their mouths.

The Detroit Tigers won today putting them over .500 for the first time this year. The White Sox beat the Cubs, so Detroit didn’t advance any… I had such high hopes at the beginning of the season. Oh well, I survived 2003 as a Tiger fan, I can survive this year too

Spain wins the European Football (Soccer) Championship. I find soccer very boring, why didn’t this put me to sleep?

Wildfires are still burning in California, flooding still happening along the Mississippi. (I can still spell Mississippi without adding too many “S’s” or “P’s” or “I’s”. Not bad from a non-speller, just don’t ask me to spell bananananana 😉

Buffalo are roaming again in Minnesota. And we have some not so far from here in Fremont IN.

The Pixar movie WALL-E made 62.5 million over the weekend. It is a cute little movie.

On a somewhat sad note, Southwick Mall in Toledo Oh closed its doors. Once a wonderful shopping area in South Toledo, this 36 year old mall has been going down hill for years. I remember taking dates to what was called “Old-Towne” where there were a lot of small frontier style shops and novelty stores. This later became a movie theater, that added to the theaters already there. It was a very open mall that at one time held a wide variety of stores. One by one the Anchor stores left, and this area became an eyesore. Not sure what will become of it, but I really wonder what they did or will do with the wonderful Carousel they had in the mall.

Uga VI, the University of Georgia Bulldog mascot, died of heart failure. He was only 9 years old… He started as the mascot at the age of 1.

There was a lot of other news that I don’t think needs repeating. Politics as usual, and other nasty headlines were prevalent.

Down to 4 hours until I need to get ready for work… I’m still not tired, but I guess I should try to relax a bit.

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  1. Is Southwyck (or wick) the one on S Reynolds? We pass by that one all the time and wonder if it’s still in business cuz there are never any cars… this might explain everything. And you HAD to bring up the Cubs folly this weekend, didn’t you… UGH, disgusting. At least I was too busy to waste my time watching it.
    Oil prices per barrel are at a new all time high this morning… which means we will probably be above the $4 / gallon mark by the end of today. I wish I could get a little scooter or street legal golf cart type vehicle for in town driving, but I wouldn’t have a place for kids nor groceries… Hope you got some sleep!

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