Too Much To Expect?


This is going to have to be a very brief post…  We’ve been SO busy lately, and I would love to make a post or two about all the fun things we’ve done this weekend, but my 20-month-old is quickly approaching her terrible two’s and is constantly spilling things and needing attention; therefore, I cannot sit long enough these days to make any kind of worthwhile post.  My 8-year-old is off school for the summer, and started off as a really big help with her little sister, but since it’s almost July, her enthusiasm for helping around the house is waning.  Part of me feels badly expecting her to help out and babysit so I can get some rest and her father can catch up on work, but then I also feel somewhat irritated that we went to all these fun places all weekend, even spending extra money for her to be able to bring a friend along, with no chance for me to recooperate.  I can’t help but think maybe we overdid it this weekend…  How is she going to learn any appreciation when we’re constantly doing fun stuff and she doesn’t have to contribute (much) to the work load around the house?  On the other hand, being the youngest child when I was growing up, I was never expected to watch over a younger sibling, and I have no idea how much to expect from her – I don’t want to use her or take her for granted as a built-in-babysitter…

All I know is, it would be wonderful if I could catch a break around here and have a good week or maybe even a few days to rest before my body must endure the huge ordeal of giving birth – I’m not sleeping at night very much and today the Dr. confirmed my suspicions that the baby has dropped, leaving me feeling constant pain and pressure down below which is exhausting in itself…  Time to get off my rear end to make lunch, more later, I hope!

3 thoughts on “Too Much To Expect?”

  1. At your oldest child’s age, I think you could depend on her to keep 1/2 an eye on her younger sisters. She can definitely help you by getting things you need while you are taking care of things you need to do.

    But starting slow, and finding things all your kids can do to help in the house will make things easier in the future. I think it helps a lot that they know things are expected of them in the house, even if it is just taking their dirty dishes to the kitchen or picking up their toys. What sort of things you do or don’t do things around the house is up to you. Delay a trip for a day, until everything gets done, don’t let a friend come over until things are done and things like that work very well.

  2. Good advice…
    Gradually they’ve been getting better about cleaning up their stuff after mealtimes, etc. And toys haven’t really been a problem since we got rid of most of them! I agree about them knowing things are expected of them in the house – especially because when they get older, it will be so much easier for them to take care of their own living space if they are taught good habits from early on. I just don’t know where to draw the line about Taylor watching Disney. Sammie is in school still, thank goodness since she’s the real trouble, but T is so good with Dis that’s it’s hard not to rely on her.

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