An Early Preview


Tonight, I was invited to attend a dress rehearsal for the theatre’s poduction of Don’t Hug Me.  I won’t go into much detail plot wise for those readers who anticipate attending one of the performances with in the next two weekends.  As with any rehearsal there were some minor guffaws; however, for the most part (quite happily) the show is ready to have an audience of more than 4 (with a 5th who missed the first act).  There is an instant chemistry portrayed on stage between all the characters.  The husband and wife owners of the Bunyan tavern;  the engaged couple; and the fly-by-night karaoke (THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN) salesman.  Hilarity ensues with each goofy tune performed by all of the characters.  I’m not sure if Minnesotan’s actually use phrases such as “for pukin in the ice box” or not but each of them just made me roar.  A true feeling of frigidness was also conveyed by each actor.  You could actually sense that it is the coldest day of the year in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota.  So for a few hours of pure fun an hilarious antics, be sure to check out Don’t Hug Me.  Yah, For Sure, You Betcha.

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