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Well, I just got off the phone after talking to my ‘lil sister. She was wondering about a movie she saw some time during the 60’s on Television. Not knowing the title of the movie, or any actors that stared in it will make it difficult if not impossible to find out anything about it.

Story line as far as we know:

Some guy (could be a prince) has to find a blue rose to save the girl (could be a princess) from certain death. Evil guy tries to stop good guy from finding rose to save girl. Eventually rose is found, girl is saved, everyone (except the evil guy) lives happily ever after.

So far I’ve found a movie called The Blue Rose, made in 2007. Not that one. Another movie, with the same title was a silent film made in 1913. Not that one either.

I’m leaning toward a movie called The Thief of Bagdad, but since I don’t remember it, this may not be the one. It was released in 1961, and I’m not sure how long it would take to make it to TV. The plot summary (you have to dig for it) is almost exactly what I was told. This movie was a remake of one made in 1940. One should really check this one out for the names of the characters. You could almost call Disney Studios, Thieves of the Thieves of Bagdad. And one more movie with the same title, but I’m sure ‘lil Sister would have remembered this one, since it starred Douglas Fairbanks as the Thief.

If it isn’t one of these movies, I will have to continue my search at a later date.

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  1. It looks like Thief of Bagdad is the one. From the IMDB message board:

    blue rose? spoiler!!!
    by jmacadam (Fri Mar 9 2007 11:32:16)
    UPDATED Fri Mar 9 2007 11:40:06

    Was this the movie that the hero had to find a blue rose to heal the princess, then she would marry him?

    And at the end, he didn’t get it back intact, so he took a white rose and said, “If you love me, this will turn blue?”

    That was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I remember I HAD to watch it at my friends house, because they had a color TV and we only had black and white. And you needed color to see the rose change in the climatic ending.

    Re: blue rose? spoiler!!!
    by hobnob53 (Fri Apr 13 2007 00:15:23)
    “If you love me, Amina, then this is a blue rose.” Yep, this is the film.

    (When she took it, looked at him and said, “Yes, Karim, it’s a blue rose,” her tone sounds as if she were just humoring him, like she’d thought he’d gone a little wacky. But then the rose turned blue….)

    Nice music, too.

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