Death, Murder, Love, and FUN!


Maybe you’ve noticed that at some point this winter, I began to blog less…  I no longer write reviews about every movie, tv show or play I see – it mostly has to do with the fact that there just isn’t time for me to sit at my computer uninterrupted long enough to do that – well, not if I want my toddling, climbing 18-month-old to stay safe anyway.  But this Valentine’s Day weekend of 2010 saw me venturing to two local plays, both involving fellow tangenteers, so I figured I could let Hubby hold down  the fort long enough for me to write a quick little blurb.

First of all, let me say how thankful I am for my babysitter who worked overtime this weekend – she usually doesn’t do weekends, and without her, we couldn’t have afforded to support our friends at either show.  Friday night’s selection was Dearly Departed, a southern comedy about a crazy family coming together for the funeral of the patriarch.  The show was hilarious, and my friend justj was very memorable as a fire n’ brimstone type southern preacher.  I have to say that my favorite part of the show was his other character however, a wheelchair bound man named Norval who is depicted as practically a houseplant by his caregiver wife when she describes how she cares for him – which pills, what he can and can’t eat, that sort of thing.  But on stage, Norval was anything but a houseplant, and justj depicted him with just the right amount of humor – not over the top, but not comatose either – I felt that achieving this perfect balance was much more difficult than it looked.  It should come as no surprise that I absolutely LOVED the music in the show, and it was amusing for me to think about how much that must have irked the director (who had left a party we threw one time because there was ‘too much country music’ – even though the only country song I played was Travis Tritt’s remake of the Eagle’s classic Takin’ It Easy, which I didn’t even consider country, but apparently some would beg to differ) – haha.  I need to find out what that Elvis song was in the second act; it was wonderful.

Saturday night we tried out a murder mystery dinner theater starring Jamiahsh, and we had a blast!  We rounded up some friends, and when all was said and done, we had a somewhat rowdy table of 8 with whom to enjoy the show.  Without having to draw any sort of diagrams or assemble any calculative theories like someone at our table who shall remain nameless 😉  I guessed the murderer correctly and was entered into the drawing to win a prize – a free one hour massage!  But I tore my ballot wrong, and my friend who was also the director felt it would have been obvious if she had chosen my idiotic-looking ballot to win the prize.  I agree with her; it was my own fault, and I’m happy that another patron’s experience was even more enhanced by his free massage.  Besides, my hubby gives THE BEST massages, and they’re always free!  But we had a super time at the dinner theater, the food was good, and Jamiahsh was wonderful as the bumbling FBI agent who was trying to crack the case.  I loved the relaxed atmosphere of the show with members of the cast joining us for dinner and chatting casually – although too casually at times, because several members of the cast came out of character at times asking us if our questions were for their characters or for them “in real life” – oops.  But of course ours truly Jamiahsh remained in character and professional at all times!

So bravo to many jobs well done on this weekend of community theater!  Knowing that my days of keeping my kids out so late are numbered (especially judging by the way they screamed on the way home), I am thankful for every show I get to experience!

And wrapping up the weekend, of course, is Valentine’s Day, and that’s where the love comes in – hopefully the kids will fall asleep before Hubby and I crash so that we can snuggle and watch a scary movie – who needs chick flicks on Valentine’s Day?!?  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “Death, Murder, Love, and FUN!”

  1. What’s this YUCK stuff!?! Chick flicks have their place. My favorite of all time chick flick, since we’re on the subject, is LOVE ACTUALLY. It has a great story….so if you ever get a chance, watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

    I, too, had a great theatrical weekend. I’ll be blogging about it shortly!!!

    And Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you too…..<3

  2. It was funny that for the final performance the winner of the booby prize was my Dad who announced his name “Smith. Joe.” A free haircut and anyone who knows my family knows why that is useless. Mom said that she might use it 😀 Anyone who announces his last name first and first name last is worthy of it. After no one guessed the identity of the killer and the why… the names of the audience members were put in a drawing and my mother won a gift certificate to the restaurant. I am totally innocent in both instances… mere coincidence.

  3. @mary911 – I agree, chick flicks have their place. Not usually my favorite genre, so why make hubby suffer through them? I do enjoy the OCCASIONAL chick flick…

  4. Taylhis, Great to see you at our little show. I’m sorry I could not make jamiahsh’s show. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Scheduling of that production kind of prevented me from going. Too bad. As to having your kids out late. I’m sure if we put our heads together, there are a number in our little group that would watch your children at your house, so you could get to a play or two. I could be easily bribed to pick up one in Ft Wayne for the weekend…

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