Another Hundred Posts Got Onto Tangents


As my fellow blogger so eloquently posted, I would also like to send my thanks to all the readers, commenters (even those I have just now begun to spam because they seem to be worthless… don’t worry all ye faithful die-hard fans you are not among the spammed).  I too have enjoyed sharing my views on entertainment, news, and other bits of life.  Along the way, I have discovered even more about myself and the people I like to call friends.  I also send greetings from Indiana (or In-di-ana) via Morat who will be covering the vote tomorrow.   Even talking about  my not so favorite movies like Howard the Duck has been entertaining as hopefully I have entertained my readers.  Here’s to the next 100.

3 thoughts on “Another Hundred Posts Got Onto Tangents”

  1. standupfclef

    Congrats … oh yeah … and motivating for us newbies. I started this blog thing about a month ago and it has been fun and educational since. Looking forward to my first hundred. Peace.

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