I was always an avid reader, but then I took an almost decade hiatus from reading books.  Because I did (and do) my reading before bed, I think the hiatus was due to the combination of getting used to parenting and also being fresh out of college which meant that I wasn’t used to getting

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Nook again

I currently have around 200 books/stories on my Nook. I have read or started to read about 20 of those books/stories. I also have a number of MP3’s. So I do have a wide selection to read or listen to. I can add research books that are available. I have new authors who started by

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Reading a Book Series

Another tangents’ blogger made comments on reading the Harry Potter series. I am currently reading a series by a different author. I’m reading “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant” again. While I know that some people don’t like reading a long series in succession, that is usually my goal. I like to finish the story. I

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