Life’s lessons from children’s books


I learned in my young adult life that there was a lot of good things to learn from Children’s books. These books have good things to teach children and, if you let them, adults. As you read to a child, make sure you pay attention to all of the things these books have to say.

I enjoyed reading to my girls, but I really enjoyed sitting back and listening while my wife read to each daughter. From the works of various authors we learn that life can be fun, sad, scary and comforting.

Through stories, you learn that you shouldn’t touch things that do not belong to you. While in real life the town does not fill up with pasta, things can break and that could hurt someone you care about.

You learn that being polite should be a good habit and not something you need written on your hands. You learn that good friends can have fights and still be friends.

Sometimes bunnies do the wrong things, but they find that their mother still loves them. Yes, I’ve learned a lot over the years just from reading children’s books. More than I can remember, but maybe after some bread and jam, I will try something new.

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  1. And packing cookies in your backpack and running away is not a good response to finding out you are having a little sister. Your sister will need her big sister, and your parents will miss you. And even when you try and fail to do something special, it is still a special thing, because the person you are doing it for knows you are doing it just for them. And the gifts you get for your birthday are less important than the fact that your friends thought you were special enough to do something for said birthday.
    See? I *was* paying attention.

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