Young Again


I got this video via email from my mom the other day; it’s a piece the local newspaper did about my dad’s softball league.  When my dad tells me about his softball games, I wasn’t really picturing old men playing softball.  I mean, you don’t really see your parents as old people, at least I don’t…  but seeing some of the men in the league playing softball…  now those are old people playing softball!  My dad seems to be one of the younger of the bunch, and it is very admirable that they would all go out and do this at their age just for fun.  I just hope no one gets hurt, and they can continue having fun…  Thanks for sending this to me, Mom!

Click here to see a clip of the Naperville Illinois Senior Softball League

4 thoughts on “Young Again”

  1. Sweet… we can only hope we all are that mobile when we reach that age. Perhaps if our annual (?) theatre fun day continues?

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