What does an enterprising entrepreneur do?


He writes an app that does next to nothing called “I am rich.”  I kid you not.  Someone wrote an app for the iPhone that just sits on the iPhone home screen.  If you run it, a picture of a glowing red gem displays on the screen.  That’s it.  This app was apparently made as a status symbol (hence the name) and costs the maximum allowable price at Apple’s app store: $999.99.  At least it did- Apple has since taken down the application, but not before eight people purchased it.  Yep, eight people with nothing better to do with their money.  Click the link for the full story.

Apple removes $1,000 featureless iPhone application

2 thoughts on “What does an enterprising entrepreneur do?”

  1. Derek

    Maybe we could make one up that would at least do something and sell it for $500. I can’t believe someone would pay $999.99 for an app on a cell phone. People don’t usually make big bucks buying stuff like that.

  2. But would it work? It wouldn’t have the same status symbol. Of course makers of useful software have been getting away for years with selling $500+ applications…

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