Welcome Back To The Post Season!


Yesterday, the Bronx Bombers closed out the regular season in historic and dramatic fashion.  In the sixth inning, A-Rod blasted 7 RBIs by hitting a three-run homer and in his second at bat in the frame, belted a grand slam leading the Yanks to a 10-2 finish against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Two records were set… the most RBIs in one inning for an American League player (only Fernando Tatis of the St. Louis Cardinals has had more in one inning with 8, back in 1999).  The first homer of the inning was the Yanks’ 243rd rounding of the bases topping a team record set in 2004.  Rodriguez’s 30 long balls and 100 RBIs for the season seems exceptional considering he was sidelined (ok.. mixing sports terms here) for the first 28 games due to his right hip surgery.

AH… October madness.  Now we wait for a week before the Division Series begins.  Still a toss up between the Tigers and Twins as their records are tied prompting a final game to decide the AL Central title.  Let the party begin!

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