Good for me???


Well, I joined the local YMCA recently (they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…), and I’m really wondering if it will be good for me. Extra exercise is appreciated, but have you ever really looked at some of the exercise equipment they have now.

My guess is that if you put that stuff in a dungeon in the middle ages, the people would look at it as they would any other ‘equipment’ they had. They have things that contort your body into weird shapes just to exercise certain muscle groups. (or so they say) Done another way, these devices could really hurt someone.

I am glad that they are willing to give all members a summary of all the weight equipment. I hadn’t worked on anything like that since college. They machines have changed a bit since the early 80’s. They still do the same things, but it looks like they’ve isolated the muscle groups more than they did before. I’m sure that they are safer than the ones I worked on too.

I’ll write more on my experience with the weight machines when I use them for more than 5 minutes. I don’t see myself getting overly fond of any of them…

I was going to put a link in for torture devices, but I found them to be too disturbing. I guess the exercise equipment doesn’t look that bad now….. So here is a link to one of the pieces of equipment I used…
Leg Press

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