Big Sister Is Watching


Tonight, a friend and I went to see the new Shia LaBeouf movie (which was executive produced by Steven Spielberg) entitled Eagle Eye.  The plot was as implausible as you can imagine but it was fast-paced and entertaining… so it was really easy to suspend our disbelief.  Shia plays Jerry Shaw, a rather lifeless character who seems to wander the world looking for himself, having jobs in far away places and eventually landing a position at the local Copy Cabana.  He returns home for his brother’s funeral and is soon entered into a life and death struggle with Rachel, a woman he has never met before (played by Michelle Monaghan).  It seems that they have been “activated” by an unseen woman who communicates with them via cell phone and other rather creepy electronic devices.  In short, she can see and hear everything they do.  It is impossible for the pair to simply run away because the woman on the other end of the cell phone will retaliate by bringing harm to their loved ones.

During the two hour movie there were enough action-packed escapes, twists, and turns to keep the audience (Megan, another couple who left early to “get busy” (it could not be that the movie was not entertaining), and myself) glued to the screen.  Each assignment the voice puts Jerry and Rachel through leads them to the shocking endgame involving the highest levels of government.  And what action extravaganza is complete without the resident agent hot on the trail of the reluctant heroes.  This time, he is played by Billy Bob Thornton.

So, although the situation presented in the movie is totally absurd, the action was enough to entertain and go along for the ride… even with the strange noises my car was making while I was driving… something I need to look into.

2 thoughts on “Big Sister Is Watching”

  1. So you didn’t see Ally from Raymond…
    Is this movie worth checking out at home when it comes out?
    Random car noises stink – good luck with that!

  2. def. worth checking out at home when it comes out… but even better on a big screen. And yes, random car noises do suck.

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