Extra innings


It was the bottom of the 9th when I decided to check on Baseball’s All Star game. Little did I know it would continue into the 12th inning. I’m just watching it on Gameday, so I haven’t seen much of what has transpired. I do know that both teams have had scoring chances in those extra innings. The game should be over by now.

The game will now go into the 13th inning… They should be able to get everyone in now, don’t you think?

15 innings!!!

2 thoughts on “Extra innings”

  1. Baby woke just in time for me to see the winning play for the AL – think it was around 1:30! Wonder what the longest all-star game was? Maybe something to look up when I have time…

  2. They say last nights was the longest… over 4 hours. I went to bed around 12 and heard the recap on WBNO when courtney woke me up, too.

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