6 thoughts on “Cutest Cubs Fan Ever!”

  1. Just wait… There’s still time for her to turn into a White Sox fan. {the “twisted” smiley would normally be used here now, but since it’s still Easter…}

  2. Yes, quite lucky you are it’s a holiday. Normally, you mention that “team” on my blog and your comment would stay in “pending” if not be disapproved! You mention it in conjunction with one of my kids, and GRRRR….
    Quite lucky it’s a holiday indeed 😉

  3. You “other” fans don’t stand a chance. All Avell kids are under a spell. Cubs fans are in our family tree…..Grandma, Papa, Mom, Dad.

  4. Don’t look at me- I am not a fan of sports at all. I just like to stir up the rivalry when I can. I constantly say “Go Sox when I see a student in Cubs gear, and Go Cubs when they’re in Sox gear, followed by a “just kidding” of course in either case. 😉

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