Spring training is officially over, and the MLB starts now. While I know there was a game or to in China, the official first game that I acknowledge is tomorrow at 1:05 in Detroit. I wish I could be there, but there are always other obligations. I’ll be following the Tigers and one other team. I have friends who are Cubs fans. Since they are in the other league, I can root for them too. Someone else I know (who shall remain nameless… Can’t say that name anymore 😉 ) will be rooting for the Yankees. Never could stand those Yankees.

All new season, with everyone starting on an even basis. Any game can be won by any team. This is baseball, all 162 games… Looking forward to it. Go Tigers…

Oh yes, and I have a couple of friends that are rooting for the Indians… We don’t talk much during the season… 😉

4 thoughts on “Baseball….”

  1. GO CUBS! And GO TIGERS! I’ve already re-arranged my schedule so I can catch the Cubbies home/season-opener tomorrow. Zambrano opens against the Brewers… should be great, Zambrano is such a loose cannon and always fun to watch. Countdown to 2:20 for me. Don’t think I’ll be able to make a game live this year though, again! 🙁

  2. WOOLY SHEEP!!! Go Yankees. It is the a last season for the old Yankee Stadium. Opening Day also tomorrow with Wang up against de a Jays Blue at 1.05.

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