Math dyslexia?


I have heard of dyslexia of course, but this is the first time I have heard of math dyslexia.  Apparently this condition makes for a very hard time in math.  One Florida teacher is finding that he may not be allowed to teach since he can’t pass a required basic math skills test due to his disability.  Where this gets interesting is he is an art teacher.  No math involved in what he teaches.  The rules say it doesn’t matter, all teachers must pass this test.  However, he has people fighting for him.  Click the link to read the article:

 Math dyslexia imperils Orange County art teacher’s job

4 thoughts on “Math dyslexia?”

  1. I can actually see where he might have to do some math being an art teacher – mixing paints, sculpting and /or painting objects to scale are just a few examples I can think of… however, I don’t think a simple standardized test should be the judge of whether or not he is fit to teach or not. His past experience as a teacher, how he interacts with the students, etc. should be what they look at. I suppose it’s one of those cases of if you make an acception for one, you have to for all type of thing.

  2. Well, the article does say he is at a 5th grade math level, so his abilities aren’t nonexistent. I don’t think teaching art would require a higher level than this though. I would just pray that the right decision is made about this.

  3. I think it is unfortunate for someone who has a disability to be judged on that disability. He has had jobs in the “real world” in art and he is viewed as a role model to the students. However, I do see the need for math skills in art teaching as taylhis pointed out. Best of luck and prayers to not only the teacher but also the people in charge of deciding the future of Mr. M.

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