Baseball again


My favorite team had a horrible start for the year, but they are finally starting to look like a ball team again.   Not that this is anything new to me, I watched and followed the Tigers for all of the losing seasons.  So many years it was like fielding a minor league team in the majors.  So very hard to watch, but I did.  Tonight I’m just rubbing it in a little that the Tigers beat the Yankees two games in a row now!!!.  They haven’t won many series (I’m thinking this is the 3rd with two ties), but it is very sweet every time they win the series against the Yankees.   Can you tell I know a Yankees fan??  I’ve been a Yankees hater as long as I’ve been a Tiger fan.  When the Tigers are out of the pennant race, I start rooting for anyone who is playing the Yankees (hee, hee).

6 thoughts on “Baseball again”

  1. HMMMM…. at the fear of getting exiled from commenting, I will say good luck the rest of the season (to both of us).

  2. No problem. I wouldn’t mind the Tigers playing the Yankees in the playoffs, as long as the Tigers win the series…

    Oh, yes before I forget my adopted National league team. Go Cubs! They are doing well so far this year. Tigers, Cubs Worlds series anyone? Maybe not the Tigers, they have to get to 500 first.

  3. Go White Sox! (Just kidding- we Chicagoans have that rivalry thing going strong just so you know, kinda like that New York thing with the buried Jersey…)

  4. Oh, yes…. how could I forget… Go Cubbies. I’m almost embarrassed that I would forget them seeing as how one of my brothers and a good friend are both huge fanatics who hope that the 100th year following their last World Series championship will be the year.

  5. Cubs are doing excellent this year – I am ecstatic! Now if only I can free up a little so I can actually catch a game on tv… The Tigers were my adopted team a few years ago when the Cubs threw it out way early in June, so I follow them a little too, glad to see they’re doing well. As for the Yankees… I am neutral, for now, until they are up against the Cubs. And I of course CANNOT stand the White Sox!

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