And Yes… They Keep On Winning (some)


Not all but some…. and look out… her comes the return of the Red Stockings (on Friday)… BOOOO!!!!!! no doubt on the war path following the sweeping of the last series.  The Yanks have clinched a berth for the post season.  They slipped a bit but thanks to a win or two and a loss from Boston, New York has gone back to a six game first place lead and defeated the Angels of Anaheim tonight.  Just sayin’.  Last season, I did not get to say that.

And it looks like the Tigers  (another team on tangent’s radar) will be a post season hopeful, correct, justj?  What about the Cubbies, taylhis?

3 thoughts on “And Yes… They Keep On Winning (some)”

  1. I’m not saying anything about my favorite baseball team until they clinch the division or lose it. Too close for my comfort this year, but at least they are playing meaningful baseball in September.

    You brought up the Cubs?? A remark like that could get you banned from game night. 😉 I hope not really, but they seem to have been in a funk the second half of the season. Unlike the American League Central division, the National League Central looks like it has a team that wants to win it.

  2. Yes – admittedly they are sucking it up big time. Bradley, who was supposed to be a star player, got kicked out of the rest of the season for his bad attitude, what an idiot. Not going well over there at all. But still hanging on by the tiniest thread – tonight is make-or-break, so I will have one eye on baseball. Cubs have to win, St. Louis has to lose. Unfortunately, game night has not been good luck for the Cubs.

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