Eileen Escapes FIghtin While Having A Pina Colada


This morning before leaving for work, I was listened to our local Classic Rock station to see if I could listen and win.  Thursday is the Three Songs with a Theme in which you listen to the three songs in their ENTIRETY.  I listened to the first song then by song two had the solution.  While the final song was playing, I put the station’s number up, waiting until the song faded, and hit the talk button.  BUSY SIGNAL!? And Mr. Brigle came on and said… “Let’s see if we have a winner.”  Sure enough, we had a winner.  Someone must have been a little quicker on the draw than I.

OK… test your musical expertise and tell me what these three songs have in common.  I can offer no more than your name and answer to be posted on my blog… but isn’t that reward enough?

  1. “Kung Fu Fightin'”
  2. “Come On, Eileen”
  3. “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”

In the past I have won a few prizes: a gift certificate to an area coffee shop, and two CDs (the soundtrack to one of the Scream movies and one by Daryl Hall and John Oates that must have been their attempt at a comeback).  My mother won a phone-in  contest years ago.  Her prize?  A trip on the Jet Express that ended at the end of the season.  The end of the season being that very weekend.  Unfortunately, she was not able to use the prize.

8 thoughts on “Eileen Escapes FIghtin While Having A Pina Colada”

  1. I stink at those games – don’t even have a guess. Can’t even get them right when they have that game on the country station – they call it My 3 Songs. My dad and my sister used to be really good at winning things off the radio – even if they had to compete with the other millions of people in Chicagoland. My sister once won U2 tickets for something called the Headline game – guess which headline is false, but like I said, the real challenge was getting thru to the station when there are thousands of others doing the same thing. Good luck next time!

  2. Really… I can’t believe you never heard of ANY of them, D!

    But since I believe that everyone has chimed in… AH the talents of Carl Douglas, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and Rupert Holmes who shall be forever remembered in the annals of ONE HIT WONDERS!

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