And thoughts turn to spring


This past weekend was the start of actual baseball Spring training games. As a moderately avid fan, I take a bit of interest in these early games. It makes no difference as to the win or the lose portion at this point in time. i just like to see if it looks like my favorite teams will have a good year or not.

Too early to tell yet. Starting pitchers are still stretching out. First the 2 inning games, then maybe 3 innings, ect. Starters from the year before will get a couple of at bats before they are taken out to see the younger ‘talent’. It is at this time of the year, when you can see possible future hall of famers work out with the big league squads. You also see the veterans trying for one more shot at making a big league team.

I’ve been told, but have yet to experience, that spring training is a fan’s wonderland. The players are accessible, and tickets to games are inexpensive. Some camps even have open training sessions.

Someday I will make that journey. I will head south in the later parts of February to March. Maybe I will watch a game or two, or just spend a day walking around a ball field. A day in the sun, visiting a bit of spring in the fading days of winter.

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  1. Fading days of winter… sounds good to me! Bring on the baseball!!!
    I am behind schedule this year. I’m usually counting down until opening day by the beginning of March, but this year I don’t even know when it is – time to check. My favorite team played awfully last year; I could tell on opening day there was no hope, so perhaps that took away some of my enthusiasm. Time to let that go and hold out hope that 2011 is the ‘maybe next year’ we’ve all been waiting for!! Thanks for this post, I needed a jump start!

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