A time to watch the night


This weekend seems to be a big astronomy shindig.  The event is called Galilean Nights. This is in honor of Galileo. Sidewalk astronomers around the world will be out letting people look through their scopes to see the Moon, Jupiter or some other bright evening object.

The site above has a link to find some sidewalk astronomy locations. The closest places to this neck of the woods will be Bowling Green Ohio, Sylvania Ohio and Fort Wayne Indiana. If my youngest agrees, I may be in Fort Wayne.

In case you wondered, a sidewalk astronomer is somebody who sets his/her telescope out on the sidewalk. They hope people will stop and share the evening sky with them.

8 thoughts on “A time to watch the night”

  1. We won’t be any where near this neck of the woods this weekend. Wonder if there are any sidewalk telescopers in Chicagoland – probably too much light pollution.
    Hope your views are clear!

  2. Here too.

    On the map I noticed 5 sites in the Chicago area. At the Adler Planetarium, they have daylight and evening activities. Unfortunately they all need clear skies.

  3. You’d think the view would be better from the middle of no-where….no light pollution. One fall Travis got his super huge telescope out and we had so much fun checking everything out. Now it just sits in his garage…… 🙁

  4. Travis has a super huge telescope? Hmmm I only have a semi-huge telescope. I want a super huge scope, but I can’t afford it yet. Maybe I should ask Travis, since some people think my telescope is super huge…..

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