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This is sort of a serious poll for me.  As you know, a while ago I started using pictures/graphics to head up my posts.  After a bit of time, I was told they were causing problems for some so I changed the theme template to solve the problem.  However, this still doesn’t answer a question I was wondering about.  Being on a computer with a desktop resolution of 1920×1200 and using a broadband connection to the internet, I personally have no problems at all with the graphics I use.  However, others may not feel the same as lower desktop resolutions such as 1024×768 are far more common, and not everyone is on broadband yet.  So when I ask this question I guess it can be interpreted in two ways.  First, the physical size of the graphics: I try for a width of 600 and a height usually of 250-350.  Does this take up too much screen real estate?  Second, the file size.  I try to stick with jpegs as it is both a standard and has smaller file sizes than bmp or png.  However, they can still be too large and take a long time to load as a result for those not on broadband.

Due to the nature of this poll, I have refrained from adding a header graphic to this post.  Please answer honestly and give explanations if you wish.  While only one of the options actually asks for an explanation, please feel free to explain any of your votes.  Thanks.

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11 thoughts on “Testing the poll waters…”

  1. I use a generally use a laptop with a wide screen display. I have no problems with your graphics. However, I noticed that for some reason the font when entering comments is rather small.

  2. Now that we’ve eliminated the gap problem, the graphics are fine on my comp. I use a laptop, but don’t ask me any specs.

  3. Ok, it is only really little when I use Google Chrome. I guess I will have to use Internet Explorer or Firefox to reply to your blog. Funny no other blog gives such a small font for replies in Chrome…

  4. Must be this theme, justj. The font is smaller, but only by a little bit on Firefox. I have yet to try Chrome, but any time a font shows up at an uncomfortable size, it can be adjusted by the user. Well, to a point- it’s all the text or none. I know Firefox and IE have this feature, and I would be surprised if Chrome did not.

  5. There is, but everything else gets too big. The font in the replies is about a 5 or 6 on my screen, compared to 10 or 12 of everything else.

  6. Okay, as long as it doesn’t bother you. I would just hate to lose one of my three readers in the future because loading up a separate browser just for one blog started to become a chore. Thanks for your continued readership, as well as taylhis, jamiahsh, and anyone else who just likes to lurk.

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