Offline for a couple of days


I was offline all of yesterday due to a cable problem.  I have located the problem- it seems the outside cable is worn through in a spot.  I have jury-rigged it to test it for now, and as you can see since I am writing a post that it is indeed the problem.  Unfortunately I can’t keep it up.  Obviously they have a record that I am accessing the internet now, but I can always tell the tech I was just testing the problem myself, and I was.  I will have to remove what I did though.  Unfortunately it means no internet for me for two more days since my appointment isn’t until Wednesday afternoon. 🙁

Hopefully I can get sub jobs for the next couple of days using the phone instead.  Of course that means no blogs until then either…

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  1. Derek, this is unrelated to your post but I have no better way to reach you! Send me your email address when you get this for next time! Chris had his medical tests today and they didn’t find anything awful like we were convinced they would. Just some inflammation in the stomach and esophagus. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!!!!

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