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This is way late, but I have finally added my friend, C’s blog to my links on the left.  He told me about it about a month ago when he wrote on his experience with the Nintendo Wii, but for some reason I never added it and it slipped my mind until noticing it on another friend’s blog! So, consider this your birthday present! 😛

Well, at least until I think of what to get you since I forgot about it again-  I seriously need to get a wife to remember these things for me, though of course in return I will get pounded for forgetting her birthday, or worse- our anniversary.  Yes, I would be that stereotypical husband.

2 thoughts on “Added blog to Friends”

  1. Make an agreement before you get married that says you probably will and are allowed to forget important dates 😉 That way when you remember it will be extra special.

  2. Sounds too reasonable- C, are you posting under your wife’s login? 😀

    Just kidding, L! I know female stereotypes are no more valid than male stereotypes.

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