I should know better…


Why didn’t I back this drive up? I know it was the old machine. I didn’t really do that much on it. Surf the web, write a blog, catch up on a ball game. No I didn’t do much on this machine.

The hard drive crashed/failed. I think I will be able to get some of the pictures that were on this machine. I think I have duplicates of all of them, but I’m not sure yet. My daughters did their homework on this machine, and I think all the old reports are toast.

Some recent pictures that I took with the phone are gone. A new e-book list, vanished. Software updates poof. Some music became an electronic ghost.

Hmm… I do have another hard drive I can drop in this machine. I think I know where the windows install disk is. Maybe I can get the machine functioning again. I may drop in some other operating system. Who knows.

Then there is one other loss. I’ve never used it. It was there like a memorial for the past 6.5 years. Kept when I upgraded the computer. Disk imaged over when I got this drive. Gone are some web bookmarks. Little used since 2003, simply marked “Sarah’s Favorites”.

5 thoughts on “I should know better…”

  1. I understand the need for saving irreplaceable things like that. I’m praying you find a way to recover what you lost, and I will talk to Hubby (who has helped a few people out of electronic ghost binds) about it.

  2. I so need to back up- I haven’t done a backup since installing Windows 7. I did try to use the software that came with my second external 1TB drive, but it destabilized my system so I uninstalled it. I might try again now that I downloaded an updated version.

    +1 to Taylhis’s comment!

  3. Chris said if you want to bring it by, he is optimistic about recovery, unless there was some sort of physical trauma (dropping it, etc.)

  4. taylhis, I will keep that in mind if all my efforts fail. I have a bit of a background in that too, which is one reason I am upset with myself at not doing backups.

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