4 Down…


My husband fell ill over the weekend, and he had to leave a show early that we went to see together on Sunday.  By Monday night, my two littlest kids were throwing up, and Hubby and I stayed up late cleaning them up and comforting them.  Monday night, I had a dream that we were on a trip, and we were scheduled to leave our vacation, but I was sick and worried about the 3-4 hour car ride.  When I awoke, I was really sick – so this thing has struck down 4 of us, and my 2 oldest daughters remain unaffected as of yet.

We are busy people!  I already rescheduled the dentist appointment we won’t make, but I don’t know what to do about our church’s Kidstuf play Hubby and I are directing – rehearsal is tonight.  I don’t see how I’ll be able to make it, but I also don’t understand how to summon the energy to stay home with sick little ones when I’m feeling so incredibly lousy.  Complicating things is the fact that my two oldest girls are also in Kidstuf, and they had to miss the first rehearsal because they were at their Grandma’s.  There is a waiting list for kids who want to be in Kidstuf, and so the kids who are chosen to be in it are not supposed to miss even one rehearsal.  If my kids get sick, they will have to miss another rehearsal, and I’m so worried for them that they won’t get to do the show!

So today, I have to find a way to navigate around the thumping in my head and the visits to the bathroom (sorry, but here we are) to care for my 4 kids so Hubby can work.  And I  have to do things in a way that won’t spread this super-contagious illness (it says something when I get an illness – I don’t usually get sick ever!) to the remaining healthy ones in my family.

Anyone want to babysit?  😉

4 thoughts on “4 Down…”

  1. Sorry… have to work tonight. But here you are again. Get better SOOOOOOON 😉 Hope the girls are able to go to practice… face masks?

  2. Phyllis Beyer

    Goodness gracious!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they got too run down being with me all week. So far, I haven’t gotten sick. Hope everyone gets well very soon….especially Mom. If I were closer, I would help you out.

  3. I’m feeling a bit better today, although my muscles don’t seem to want to work – baby steps, I guess, but I had so much planned this week it’s difficult to take it slow. I was not able to make it to rehearsal last night, but Chris did and said things went well. He wasn’t gone long, and the older 3 slept while he was gone, so things were easy for me since Beebs and I just spent some quiet time together. Chris is feeling better, but his recovery seems to be slower than mine, although he is able to be up and around, something that’s been difficult for me.
    Thanks for all your well wishes!!

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