My three day assignment that was cancelled earlier this week would have been at the school I wound up at today.  You can say it turned into a one day assignment I suppose.  Oddly enough, the teacher I would have subbed for was the “team teacher” in two of the classes.  In those classes I of course acted as an assistant, but I did get to teach four classes.  I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by and I mentioned the three day assignment to her and she told me she just rescheduled because she didn’t like taking days off in October.  I didn’t ask why, but conferences are around this time I think so that’s a possibility.

So the four classes were run pretty much the same way though they were actually two different levels.  The regular math classes were working on percent markups and discounts.  Given a cost and a percentage, they had to determine the final price.  The other two classes were algebra.  They were working on graphing equations and determining solutions from the graphs.  I actually got a high complement in one of these classes.  One of the students told me I taught this better than the regular teacher.  I didn’t know what else to say but to just thank him.  So…  Besides the last class having a couple of characters in it (I expected it, being a class of just eight students, and one of the regular classes as opposed to algebra) it was another pretty good day.  First period was one of the two “team teaching” period, so Just watching for the one period and seeing things not in the plans definitely helped here in keeping with the routine though I suppose being eighth grade they wouldn’t have had a tough time adjusting to a different routine if necessary.

It is now the start of a three-day weekend and time to get some rest…

4 thoughts on “y=mx+b”

  1. That reminds me of high school calculus. My brother who was visiting the nutty science teacher (very small school… people popped in all the time). He was helping us all on an assignment and explaining it much more clearly than our normal teacher ever did.

  2. Visitors always popping in- quite different indeed from around here. Your science teacher wasn’t that good? Or do you mean he had a nutty sense of humor?

  3. yes… schools in your area have locked doors at all times with a video camera on the main door and the office having to buzz in the visitors – at least at my mom’s school, but I think it’s all of them.

  4. Yep. Pretty much everywhere here. As far as I know parents and former students (kids who are now in middle or high school) can come here too, but they have to be buzzed in and checked in at the office. It just doesn’t seem to happen very often.

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