Teaching poll (part 1)


I’m just looking to see what sort of age groups you might be interested in teaching if you ever decided to teach.  Feel free to choose more than one.  You will note that there is some overlap in grades since not everyone defines the categories the same way.  For example, in some places middle school is 6-8, other places 7-8, and still others 7-9.  I am told there are even places where 5th is considered middle school, but I am yet to be convinced that is actually middle school or combining disparate grades in a building due to space or some other special reason (sorry, L).  I do know a district that has a school for just 5th and 6th grades due to a gang problem.  This district considers 6th to be middle school, so the 5th grade were on an elementary program while the 6th grade switched classes as they would in a regular middle school.  I am almost certain that 5th grade will always be on an elementary program even if inside a middle school, but please comment if I am wrong about this (please, even if you don’t normally comment on my blog 🙂 ).  So anyway, vote away!  Later, I’ll ask about favorite subjects to teach, whatever the age group.

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7 thoughts on “Teaching poll (part 1)”

  1. None, nothing, never. I don’t want to teach at all. You can’t make me! Tried it for student teaching and never wanted to go back.

  2. I would teach little kids – before the pre-teen attitudes kick in for sure. And we DO have a middle school with 4-8 grades here – definitely not because of gang problems, I think that’s just the way they do it. From what I understand, they keep all the grades separate. We will find out next year 🙂

  3. As I mentioned, I suspect that 4th and 5th grades will still be elementary style with a single teacher except for music/drama, PE, and art. Some schools I’ve been to additionally have vocabulary and social studies as specials, but I think that’s rare.

  4. Okay, I added in my own votes as I got tired of having to click “view results” every time. 😉

    I think someone else shares my tastes. Jamiahsh, were you the one besides me to admit to middle school? 😛 Nothing beats intermediate though for me. 🙂

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