Half The Fun Was Getting There


Tonight (as opposed to last nigh for some reason… can’t understand why), I made my way to auditions for Meet Me in St. Louis.  Very strange, because I was informed by my dear, sweet brother that they were at 5pm.  I arrive at the theatre at 4.45.  I am always the first to arrive and usually the last to leave.  So, I try the door… locked.  I go back to my car til 5… still locked.  Ok… maybe he misunderstood and it was at 5.30.  So, I go to McDonalds for supper and wait.  5.30… nothing.  So, I decide to travel to brother’s house to see what was up.  I get to the house and he asks me why I was not at auditions.  Were they not at 5 o’clock?  No.. they were at 7.  Apparently, he called my house at 4.45 to tell me this.  OOPS.  So, I head BACK to the theatre.

When the director arrives, she announces my identity as a Shaffer but does not remember my name.  SHe is exceedingly glad to see an adult male at the auditions (they must have a an ample amount of younger fellows Tuesday night).  That is a good sign.  I think the two parts I read for (Alonso Smith and grandpa) would be great.  We sat around a table, very informally and read a few scenes.  In one scene, Mr. Smith comes down stairs for dinner and trips over his daughter’s roller skate…. you can take it from there  That could be fun to play.  The scene I read as grandpa was hilarious, too.  I would be willing to wear lots of makeup.  That would bring a laugh in and of itself.  We then sight-sang a few songs.  I thought I did reasonably well for not knowing either piece… but there were some wierd harmonies and interval leaps, but I think I did well.

Then, we were asked if we had brought anything to sing.  Always prepared as I am, brought “Benjamin Calypso” from Joseph.  Complete with strangely cool accent, I sang a bit and drew a chuckle from the crowd.  Following that showstopper, we all joined in a chorus of “The First Nowell” which is part of the show.

Well… we are to learn of the casting choices tomorrow night with a read-through Saturday afternoon.  It sounds like a fun time and the director seems to be very personable, so… we will see what happens.  Show dates are March 6,7,8… so really not a lot of time to produce a full-scale musical.  Now time to joing the gang at Dunder-Mifflin in a new episode.

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  1. Now that I am caught up on season 4, I will soon start watching season 5, of which several episodes await my attention, though it will wait a bit until I watch a few movies from the library. Iron Man finally came in, and I expect the Incredible Hulk in any day now, plus a couple others I checked out.

  2. Thanks, Derek. I just learned that the show dates for Meet Me in St. Louis are the same as opening weekend for a production of Lion in Winter which justj is involved in.

  3. jamiahsh, Sure wish I could, but as it is I will try to go to the final dress rehearsal of the High School play. That is almost as good.

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