Graduation part 2


Well, I was up a little early to find a job for the day, and I find myself with a little time so I will try to write this before I leave.  So why a part two?  Simply put, I subbed for 8th grade yesterday.  Actually, the teacher does both 7th and 8th, but she was part of the 8th grade graduation.  Why, oh why could she not be part of the 7th grade field day instead? 😛  7th grade was either doing field day or a field trip.  But 8th grade had graduation practice.  All day.  Oh the things I get paid for- did I really need to be there, especially since another teacher seemed to be filling in anyway?  Well, it’s their money.  🙂

The morning was simple.  Announcements followed by the students being called to their respective places.  Once in the gym, the principal announced how the day would go, then we went into the rehearsal.  They started with something simple- standing on cue.  “Row one stand up.  Row one sit down.  Row two stand up…”  Then random rows called after all fifteen rows practiced.  Next they added the turn to face the outside to the standing.  “Stand..1..2..Turn.”  Again, practice for all the rows.  Next up was filing in and out.  Or rather, out and in since they were already in their seats.  They had to master the art of the square turn.  Okay, so they were told how to do the square turn, and practiced it leaving, but there wouldn’t be enough time to actually master it.  Once we were out, the need for the teachers became significantly more apparent.  Ever deal with 350 restless eighth graders?  Fortunately there were enough of us to handle things.  Finally, once we entered again they were ready to actually line up and practice taking their diplomas.  One by one, name by name just like Sunday’s real performance.  Only they had to stop for name corrections.  At this time, they also had to practice sitting down on cue as well as listening for their cue to stand up, which was when a particular student’s name was read.

Well, I am out of time for now so I will just post this first part of the day for now.  Part 2½ this afternoon when I return.

5 thoughts on “Graduation part 2”

  1. graduation practice – a time to weed out the troublesome kids since the school is short on room for both students and families… that’s how it was at my high school anyway. There was a no tolerance policy. Any kid messing around in any way was not invited to the actual ceremony… Schools too crowded to fit everyone, gotta love em

  2. Their graduation was actually held at a nearby high school last night, so space was really not a problem. I am not aware of anyone kicked out of the ceremony for behavior at rehearsal in any event. Maybe they are less tolerant in high school due to more students and that at 18 they have higher expectations than at 14.

  3. or… graduation a time to see how many students actually made it that far and for those of us who did to predict who amongst the absent would end up on America’s Most Wanted… of which I am not so proud to say my class had one.

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