Ugly Or Sweet


Tonight’s rehearsal was primarily focused on vocals and what blocking we have learned for the songs in Act I of which there are 10. It was almost as if I had stepped back into a vocal lesson reflecting on what I had learned years ago about sound placement, breath support, projection, etc. and alot of it was nearly second nature. After my song was finished I decided to wait and see how the rest of the cast was coming along on their songs. Amazingly, there were only about lets see (Jo, Amy, Beth, Marmee, Prof. Bhaer, Laurie, Mr. Brooke, and Mr. Lawrence, and myself) 9 of us there. I have yet to see Rodrigo at a rehearsal, but I guess people are busy and have other commitments.

I must say that the young man playing Laurie has his work cut out for him. This role calls for a range of approximately 2 octaves soaring to a high A on the Treble cleft, but I think he is doing a fine job… just needs to open up and get that breath support flowing.

Some of the March sisters songs are fun and choreographed well once they learn them well enough to sing without music in hand and move around the stage at the same time.

Actually, a hard rehearsal but at least it seems that the cast is well on its way with just over three weeks to go before performances begin. The trip home was quite exciting with a lightning storm flashing all around, but little rain… so no ditchings 😀
Little Women (1933)

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  1. Hmmm… did you get a different storm? We got lots of lightening too, but when it was time to get out of the car and get the kids, everyone got incredibly drenched.
    And who is doing the choreography? Is it Mr. (insert famous hands in air WCCT choreography here)

  2. As I was heading to the car @ 10, it was raining… not too hard and by the time I got out of town the rain was gone, but the lightning remained. Ya know… I’m not sure if we even have a choreographer per se, I think it is just Brent doing it… just stylized movements from what I have seen and do.

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