Full pay, half work


Thursday was an interesting day.  I subbed for the gifted teacher at a middle school.  Fir some reason this teacher has only five classes instead of the usual six.  Two each of 7th and 8th grades, one 6th grade.  Now what happens when the reason for the teacher’s absence is because she took the 8th graders on a field trip?  Five – two = three.  Three classes, and a full days pay.  Wow.  To be fair I did check around for extra work, but none was to be had so I pretty much spent the rest of the day reading my book.  Friday I had a full contingent of classes though.  It was 7th grade math and the teacher was in the building helping with a tour of kids from the local Japanese school (school originally made for Japanese families who would be in the country for a year or two and didn’t want the children’s education disrupted from the normal Japanese school routine).  However, the tour didn’t start until the end of third period, so he was still around for the first classes.  The rest of the classes had me doing no teaching- he set them up as a homework day so they could independently work on a long assignment he gave them.  More book reading… No, not really.  I walked around and helped a bit, and more than once headed up to the board to go over some common problems I was getting a lot of questions about.  Not a bad day.  I will be at their rival school on Monday for 8th grade math.

So, not much excitement, and no- you may not have your minute back that you spent reading this post. 😛

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