Return to the Knight

Ok…. so it really seems that everything old is quickly becoming new again. Last fall we saw the “return” of The Bionic Woman to television. Morat a not like this show. How a woman get to be so powerful and strong is not right. Thank you Morat. Very opinionated. But, I did not really care for the updated version of the campy 1970s television series. The new show had little character development, you did not care for any of them. Aside from the name Jaime Sommers, you would never know that you were watching a show called The Bionic Woman. Sunday night saw a movie of the week redo of an 80s cult classic: Knight Rider. In the update, a young man named Michael Tracer inherits driving the supercar named K.I.T.T. In the old series, Michael’s father (Michael Knight… hence the title… hahaha) drove the car while working with the government to bring down the villain of the week. Michael Knight is played by everyone’s favorite actor (oooookkkk) and America’s Got Talent(?) judge, David Hasselhoff. Thank goodness the Hoff was only on screen briefly at the end of the show. But what makes Knight Rider fun was that it never takes itself for anything less than it is: pure camp. It never takes itself seriously. Of course, who would ever consider David Hasselhoff a “serious” actor? The new Bionic Woman failed for just that reason: it was too serious and at times, complicated Plus, the recent writers strike also contributed to its demise. Old KITTOld KITT New KITT New KITT The new Knight Rider is classified as a “backdoor pilot.” If the movie did well enough in the ratings, then it could potentially become a series. If not, then it will disappear as quickly as it appeared

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  1. I know who would consider David Hasselhoff a “serious” actor – David Hasselhoff! I read this article one time about how he was trying to sell his autograph on the street and no one would buy! When trying to find that article, I came up with this fun tidbit from an interview with the Hoff – Why do you carry pictures of yourself around with you?
    DH – Signing autographs takes away from the time I have on this Earth. Some people can be rude and insistent so I came up with these pre-autographed cards. I give them out and I’m gone.

    My question is, if he signs the pictures anyway just ahead of time, isn’t it still taking away from his “time on earth?” What an idiot! Hoff is one of my favorite celebrities to pick on – it’s just too easy… This is the Moment!

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