The Race for the Comment


I was recently ammused when a few of my blogging friends were talking about which post had the most comments.  So, this morning I thought I would quickly look for a cool image (below) that everyone would have to comment on…  I think I found one!  What is the boy in this picture doing!?!!?


Now, after seeing the photo, click here to hear a sound effect that will answer the question – WHAT is the boy in this picture doing?

23 thoughts on “The Race for the Comment”

  1. Here’s a comment… HUHN!? What a dis photoshopped? The “the page cannot be displayed”? I a no understand. The a humor of people in America country a still confuse Morat.

  2. Well, the little boy is obviously too short to reach the counter and he is getting ignored by the people around him. The sound is all of the people around him that are showing no consideration to the young boy. Poor little guy.

  3. I think it is a little boy sitting around a movie shoot and the noise in the background is the people next door from the shoot locale enjoying a party featuring a bar-b-cue.

  4. Mary Schaufelberger

    Don’t you see it? I can see it clearly. The little guy trying to find something he can stand on to reach the counter. I think I see tears starting to appear….awwww

  5. I don’t see, or hear, how the sound helps with the picture. At least now that I can ‘see’ the picture.

    I’m still not certain that this isn’t some ploy to get loads of comments.

  6. I take it the obvious answer of “looking over her shoulder at her school assignment” is not correct? The sound effect of course does not support this, nor does it seem to support the photo at all.

    L, you’ll have to look into C’s brain for us and let us know. 🙂

    Until then I go with comment #6…

  7. Isn’t it obvious now that we can see the picture? He is obviously trying to get a bit of help on his test/assignment. Unless she is hiding something besides her answers.

  8. Ok, apparently there really WAS a picture, as there it is now. I agree it looks like he is cheating on his paper. Hopefully the little girl is smart….Jamiahsh, I had ya goin’ there for a minute, didn’t I??? 😉

  9. Maybe just for a minute. Wonder how many comments we have to post b4 we get the definitive answer. hope it is not elementary geometry.

  10. Simple Jamiahsh, as soon as he has the most comments on one post. So, unless this is it, this will be my last comment.

  11. If you have an easy way to check, I’m sure your lovely wife has the blog post with the most comments. One of her running blogs during an award show maybe… I just know it isn’t me unless you count all the spam comments that are now filtered (thank you so much for that, but they still skew the percent of visitors by country).

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