You Say It’s Your Birthday… Well It’s My Birthday, Too


I was feeling rather curious to tonight and I decided to check out celebrities who celebrate (or celebrated) their birthday the same day as I do.

  • I have known for years that Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster from The Munsters and Judge Chamberlain Haller from the hilarious My Cousin Vinnie) was born on July 10th.
  • Phyllis Smith who plays (ironically) Phyllis  on The Office.  Isn’t it curious that many of the supporting cast members share the first name as the actor playing them?  For instance, Oscar Nunez plays Oscar; Angela Kinsey plays Angela; and perhaps most ironic, Creed Bratton plays Creed Bratton (but has his last name on the show ever been established).
  • Jake LaMotta the boxer who was the basis for the movie Raging Bull.
  • Jonathan Gilbert (Willie Olsen from Little House on the Prarie who is the brother of Melissa”Laura” Gilbert and half brother of Sara “Darlene #1 from Roseanne“).

There were 3 pages full of celebrities who share my birthday.  Some I would call infamous and some I have no idea who they are.  Follow the link to see who shares your special day.

8 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday… Well It’s My Birthday, Too”

  1. Goodie for the link because until that, the only person I know who shared my bday is Tom Cruise – not the Hover-round creator but the psycho actor. Oh yeah, and my aunt and uncle, and they’re married, so that’s always been kind of cool. Let’s see who else…

  2. Ooh – Aaron Tippin, a country singer is July 3 also.
    And Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson. And Montel Williams, not sure how to feel about that one… And then there’s George Bruns… do you think they meant George BURNS, the actor? I could spend all day look through this thing for the other 5 bdays of my family members… but I won’t 🙂
    Thanks for the link!

  3. ok, so I did have the time to check out Hubby’s bday and guess what? He shares his birthday with his high school’s namesake, John Hersey! That’s funny!

  4. Well I knew about Burt Reynolds, Ava Gabor and Thomas Edison, but not Tina Louise (Ginger on Gilligan’s Island), Sheryl Crow or Leslie Nielson.

    My favorite that I didn’t realize was Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett, the man that gave us ‘The Monster Mash’.

  5. I noticed that one actor I knew I shared my birthday with wasn’t on the list, so I had a look on IMDB.

    CelebrityCafe list
    IMDB list

    Quite a difference. Granted, CelebrityCafe likely streamlines their list to the more popular while IMDB pretty much just gives a database dump. However, if you want to see even the Hollywood nobodies (apparently like the one I was thinking of not on the CC list) who share your birthday, or even who died on your birthday, give IMDB a try too.

    Oh, popular or not, I have never heard of over 95% of the names on CC… With IMDB it is more like 98%. Oh, well.

  6. One more thing, IMDB lists who got married on your birthday. Looks like Tiger Woods got married on my b’day in 2004. Sadly, as far as IMDB knows, no one was married on that day in my actual birth year.

    Sorry if I stole your show J, I didn’t intend to.

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