Counting my Blessings…


This December has definitely been one of the most difficult times in my adult life.  It’s one of those times were one is tempted to feel “I just can’t get a break.  Why am I being picked on?”

However, that makes it extra important for me to count some of my many blessings.

  1. My Amazing Family
    I can’t say enough about my family.  I have a loving and supportive wife who is always there to share in my joy and accomplishments and lift me up when my chin is down.  She also keeps me grounded and focused when I start to feel sorry for myself or am tempted to make a decision that is poorly thought out or based on selfish ambition.  And a wife who has also helped raise with me 4 delightful kids.  Kids who are every bit the troublemakers they need to be to keep me from getting complacent and to keep our family from over-swelling with pride.  But who are also very loving, affectionate, caring, generous, thoughtful, and adorable.  God has placed the perfect family in my life to help round me out as a person and to fill my life with joy.
  2. My Supportive Friends
    I have friends who don’t just fill my life with empty flattery and mindless conversation.  They also don’t only show their faces when I have something to offer.  They are there when I need someone to listen, when we (our family) needs assistance, when I need a kick in the pants, and when I need to laugh and forget about the stress in life…  God has gifted me with friendships that warm my heart and keep me moving forward.  Between my family and friends alone I have been given so much to be thankful for — no matter what my circumstances.
  3. Our Success and Opportunity
    Even though I hit a rough patch every now and then, my life has been filled with nothing but opportunity and reward.  Lisa and I often marvel at how much we have been given in terms of success.  The ability to work from home for so many years and to rarely hunger.  To be born into a country where we are free to peruse our desires, dreams, and passions.  To be able to have an influence in our community and to be able to use the creative gifts God has entrusted in us…  The list goes on and on.

I have counted three blessings which I just feel I need to share.  However, the list of blessings only start there…  It is mind blowing to me how much I have been given especially compared to how much I have given back.  One Bible passage that always sticks in my head is from Luke 12:48:

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

I have been given so, so much.  So when times are tough, like they are this December, it is not time for me to get down and demand more out of my Creator.  It is time to give praise and ask the Almighty God what more I can do?  What more can I give?  What more is to be demanded of me?  How can I submit and offer my body up as a living sacrifice?

Because there can be no doubt; I have been given much.  Much will be demanded.  And, I welcome it…  Just as any loving son would welcome the demands of his loving, supporting, and life-giving Father.

5 thoughts on “Counting my Blessings…”

  1. Ok, how funny is this… Literally 4 SECONDS (literally the time of post and time of order below are 4 sec apart) after this post was made I get an order from a site I have started selling simple web services on:

    Hey there. Here’s some site info to get you started on the video.

    SITE NAME: “Gift a Blessing” (under construction)

    ABOUT THE SITE: We’re a Christian group that helps seek prayers for those that need blessings (people with issues like health, depression, education, financial-worries, relationship-issues, etc). Users can send prayers for their friends, family and loved-ones thru the site.

    APPEARANCE: (a) Decent/Professional, (b) Friendly and (c ) Natural… SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES TRUST IN THE VIEWER (we’re a religious organization).

    1. Could you quote a real case where blessings/prayers helped someone YOU KNOW out of a specific problem.
    2. Please plug in the site name.

    DELIVERY: We are trying to get this going for Christmas & New Year. Appreciate a quick turnaround.

    Do feel free to strike base with questions.

    Thx & Cheers! Andy

    I rarely ever (this is my 5th order, ever) get orders from that site. And, that site is like eBay — nobody knows who I am, what I believe, or ANYTHING about me other than the services I offer — none of which have anything to do with blessings, Christianity, or God. Just basic web stuff. Like in this example creating a video.

    In Church we just talked last week about coincidence or God-incidence… This one may just be a coincidence. But it is still very cool!

  2. Beautiful post in so many ways! So many wonderful things said about me, the kids, your life…
    And so many thought-provoking words you provided. I agree! God is amazing, and as human beings, it’s easy for us to get caught up in other stuff and forget that! I love you, and I hope that I can continue to provide anything you ever need because you are THE BEST!!!

  3. And since I forgot to check the send follow up circle, I’ll post another comment by saying that I concur wholeheartedly on the extraordinary blessings you have mentioned!

  4. But where was my first comment and why is my second “under moderation.”. Here it is again.. Your faith is so inspiring! I have always thought that He works in wonderful and mysterious ways

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