The Return Of Captain EO


This one is for fellow Disney fanatics – I just read an article about the return to Disneyland of the 17-minute Michael Jackson 3D video, Captain EO.  I never got to see Captain EO; my first time to Disney World was in 1992, and the attraction was either broken down during that visit or we just weren’t interested in seeing it; I don’t remember.  By the time I grew up, started my family and began our traditional Disney World vacations, Captain EO was long gone and replaced by the 3D interactive attraction Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.

Captain EO replaced Honey, I Shrunk the Audience at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and opened today.  The futuristic short film stars Michael Jackson and Anjelica Huston; it cost about $30 million to make and also boasts the  creative team of director Francis Ford Copolla and executive producer George Lucas.  When it was shown at the Disney theme parks in the 80’s and 90’s, it was the most expensive film ever made (costing $1.76 million per minute!).  As of its opening today at 10am, there were many fans lined up to see it.  No word on whether Captain EO will return to Epcot in Disney World, Orlando Florida, but if it does, I might like to check it out, despite how much I will miss the always fun Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.

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5 thoughts on “The Return Of Captain EO”

  1. I voted I don’t care, because I was never interested in anything Michael Jackson did. Some of his songs were OK, but I was never a fan. In honor of a movie that kind of reflects occasional morbid sense of humor, you need a poll response of “No, I will never see it. Michael Jackson scares me….”

    (Points, and a small share of my lottery winnings from tonight’s drawing, if anyone knows the movie I am thinking of.) 😉

  2. @justj – I added the poll answer per your suggestion and took the liberty of changing your vote. Thanks for the idea – I knew I was forgetting something!

  3. I saw EO at EPCOT. I don’t remember being blown away. But I find it odd to say the least and they better not replace Honey I shrunk the Audience. Although…

  4. “I don’t care” was probably the closest, but really I might be interested (not excited) in seeing it for the first time though realistically I probably never will. He don’t scare me!

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