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I was strolling around the internet (I don’t surf, that just goes too fast), and I found a few interesting things.

On this site, I found two t-shirts I liked. The first was with Bela Lugosi as Dracula holding the head of a more recent movie vampire (yes, just the head). The saying was “Dracula never sparkled.” Struck my sense of humor today. The other shirt on the same site was “Meat is Murder. Quick eat the evidence.” So today, I guess my humor is heading toward the violent stage. “Here’s Johnny.” 😈

Ok, I knew somebody had the list of what emoticons actually works here. Ok, I found them, thanks again Derek!! Why can’t all of the various chat area, blog sites, bulletin boards, social networks, ect. use the same symbols. Why do they work sometimes and not others. Even being a technical person by trade, I get sick of technology… 😡

Are we headed for a new form of the WWW? Kind of discussed this last night with a friend or few. Mostly about if Facebook would start charging for use. Currently that is just a malicious rumor floating around, but as was said in the conversation, Facebook and other sites like that need some cash to exist. Now this article is more about premium content, but I wonder what premium content is. I already pay for my web access, about as much as I would pay for Cable/Satellite TV, Cell Phone usage ect., so I wonder how much more this would eventually cost. Like most people in the middle class, my budget is strained from all angles. I don’t have pay TV for a number of reason, but one is I really don’t want to pay for TV.

If it ever comes to the point that I have to pay for TV, I’ll stop watching. I’ve said before there isn’t much I want to watch, so it doesn’t make any difference to me. I have internet access to keep up with friends, family, work and news of the day. I pay for that access to offset other areas I no longer use or pay for. If the outlets I use start charging me, on top of my access charge, I may stop using them. Unless I become independently wealthy. I can always go to the library to pick up newspapers and magazines. My taxes go to keep those organizations functioning, so I will use them. I can use other means to contact friends and family. But then as I said earlier, sometimes the technology bugs me….

In what may be a good use for Ebooks, I found this article. Textbooks that can be modified or commented on by the professors/teachers. Cool stuff. I remember in school carting around a lot of books. And then in college pay tons of money for lots of books. Of course the teachers would always comment or add to the material present in the book. This forced the student to carry even more. I like the idea of getting this all on an E-book level and allow the students to carry around less material. Save trees and backaches. Now if they would only come up with a way to make that stupid textbook cheaper.

One final note. I went to the oriental restaurant on Sunday with my daughter. My taste buds were so messed up, I left the fortune cookies in the truck. Since my taste returned today I ate the cookies. The first fortune I had was “Everything will now come your way.” The lucky numbers on this fortune just happened to be the birthdays (day of the month) of my four daughters, myself and my late wife. That is six numbers. The estimated jackpot for the Mega Millions jackpot is now 83 million for tonight’s drawing. I met my late wife in 1983… Is that a sign? I’m not sure I believe in stuff like that, but I bought the ticket anyway. I used my late wife’s birthday as the powerball and put the rest of the days in the regular numbers. One final little note: that combination of numbers never won the jackpot….

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  1. WOW! That kind of does seem like a sign or at the very least, a major coincidence. I believe in signs, but I also think some may not be as obvious as others, ie, I don’t necessarily think those #s on the fortune cookie meant that you were going to win the lottery… best of luck though. And since it’s Tuesday, I must say that all those #s coinciding kind of remind me of the numbers on Lost and how they keep popping up everywhere, enough about that.
    I wish we could have had an alternative to carrying around many heavy textbooks back when I was in school. I still blame that (and getting thrown from a horse) for giving me a lifetime of back problems.

  2. I look forward to seeing you in your new wardrobe of t-shirts… 😉

    I’m with you on TV. I have “farmer vision” also and don’t really need anything else. Since the digital conversion last year, I have 8 PBS channels! What more could I ask for??? I do watch a couple of shows regularly, but one of them I watch online a couple days later, and Travis DVR’s the other and we watch a set of episodes in one sitting on a night I have off. It all works.

    I am sending you good luck wishes on the lottery numbers. I don’t think I’d like winning the lottery….money tends to change people, and not in a good way. I think I’ll stay poor. BUT if you do win, I sure wouldn’t mind a small donation…. 😉

  3. So, we went to amuse ourselves and waste some money playing your numbers, and happened to be in the right place at the right time to help a couple trying to get home to Chicago. They had a flat tire and couldn’t get it off the axle. They ended up having to call a mechanic to come get it off, but they are back on the road now. Hopefully that will be the worst they have to deal with. So, even if we don’t win anything in the lottery, we got to help somebody out, and right now, that feels pretty good.
    …Of course, the money would be nice, too. 🙂

  4. That T-Shirt you mention is sold in “ladies cut”. Hmm…

    No problem on the emotes. I hope out new admin updates them though to some better looking ones- I never really cared for the default smilies though I use them all the time.

    I have no problem with Facebook charging should it come to that- I don’t use it now when it’s free… 😮

    I know how you feel on the pay thing. I was asked once if I wanted the online Star Trek game. A certain place will freeze over before I pay $50 for a game then a certain amount every month on top of that. Actually, I won’t play -any- game that has a monthly fee. I just don’t play games that way.

    I would have made a rant about publishers ripping people off by charging only nominally less for a download-only book, but these books seem to come at quite a savings over their print counterparts. Sadly, that hasn’t always been the case. I remember reading about downloadable books that can only be rented for the semester, at a very high price for just renting- significantly higher than the difference after buying and selling an actual textbook.

    No comment on the fortune, but I’m glad you have your taste back.

  5. The T-shirts also come in a standard cut, you have to look for them. Since I am not a lottery winner, I won’t be spending $20 on a shirt I really don’t need.

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