All The World’s A Stage


and all its men and women merely players.

As You Like It (II,vii, 139-40)

I have often been asked what type of stage I enjoy performing on most.  In response, I usually state that it depends upon what is being performed.  Sometimes, a show is grand in scale and is meant to be presented on a HUGE stage with a HUMONGOUS audience.  Other times, a play is more intimate and is meant for a more intimate setting.  I have been watching a Josh Groban concert on PBS tonight (after the Yankees were defeated by the Red Stockings).  Being pledge drive time, there are frequent breaks and during one Josh was interviewed.  He had recently performed at Madison Square Garden: one of the world’s grandest venues. This evening’s taped performance was much more intimate: smaller stage, closer audience (in which he could see the “whites of their eyes”), almost a jam session in front of maybe 100 fans.  Once again, I was in total awe.  Such talent!  Singing in Spanish, Italian, as well as English.  Taking lyrics that I have no idea what the translation is yet conveying their message brilliantly.  Looking forward to the concert version of Chess coming next week.  Although it is a concert version, it will be my first time seeing any version of the cult musical.

WAIT!  I think I have gone off an another tangent.  Coming up in a few short months is the WCCT’s production of Little Shop of Horrors.  This is going to be done at the smaller of the two venues.  I think it will be quite interesting to discover how we are going to have the huge flesh-eating Audrey II on a small stage as well as the scenery for Skid Row.  Seems like a lot, but if it comes off it will be awesome and I think the intimacy of the smaller, in your face venue will have an even more dramatic effect.

So, although I have kind of given a roundabout answer to my own question, it really does have more to do with the type of production being staged.  I like being part of big, theatrical extravaganzas that call for a huge setting.  I also am comfortable in a small, intimate space in which you can see the audience and know that there are actually butts in the seats.

6 thoughts on “All The World’s A Stage”

  1. I love BIG shows on BIG stages….as long as the rent is FREE!!!!

    Josh Groban….ah, one of my many loves. I think I have the concert you are talking about on DVD. He is so……I don’t have the right word…!

  2. Awesome is my thought… not many I can honestly say that about. This was a concert on the Soundstage show.

  3. Thanks, taylhis… and they are getting beat again… they can’t beat the Dratted Red Sox to save them… 0-6 so far this season.

  4. Go Sox…. Just had to do that. They are my second favorite team when they play the Yanks 😉 Really though, the Yankees did pick it up a bit from the beginning of the year.

    Darling daughter getting married really likes Josh Groban. I wonder if she saw the event. I know she wanted to.

  5. Yes, Yes… I have had to endure ribbing for years from brother #2. At least he has something to rib about in the last few years. But it is going to be an interesting summer.

    Glad to hear there are a few fans out there. I hope she got to see it, too. Very few performers can take a song and convey the story of the song the way Mr. Groban can.

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