Thoughts on Daughters and Weddings


In some ways I can’t believe my third daughter will be getting married this weekend. I’m still in a bit of shock when I think of my older daughters being married. Is this the way of it for fathers?

My only job is to walk my daughter down the aisle. Maybe a dance or more. One never knows with daughters.

I wasn’t ready to handle my daughters getting married. I was even less ready being a widower. 3 weddings in just over 3 years, the emotions don’t get easier.

Hopefully the youngest won’t get married in the next year. I’m not sure I can handle 4 weddings in 4 years. I know she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, but stranger things have happened. I think it runs in the family.

This wedding is a little different than the last two. It starts inside for the wedding and moves outside for the reception. The last two weddings were outside and moved inside for the reception. Having any part of a wedding outside was new to me. When I got married it was below zero all day. You get that in January. I guess that’s why my daughters have spring/summer weddings.

We had birds, chipmunks, squirrels, alligators at the other two weddings, I wonder what kind of wildlife will show up for this one.

Weather looks good for Saturday. Will my daughters be 3 for 3 on good weather? I certainly hope so.

It will be the first time that all 4 daughters have been together since the last wedding. Great times. I really enjoy my family.

More later???

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Daughters and Weddings”

  1. The youngest can be the “career woman” – I can’t picture any guy being good enough for her anyway 😉
    The third daughter pretty much came with her (soon to be) husband – as I got to know her better, he was always there, so I don’t know if I would have felt the same way about any guy not being good enough. I know 4 weddings would be quite difficult for you, but if that’s what she decides she wants, try not to tell HER that – my family liked to say that they didn’t know if they could handle any more grandchildren after my first two (whatever THAT means – they’re MY kids!), and that made it a bit difficult for me as a glowing pregnant lady to share my happy news!

  2. Taylhis, I never found any of the boyfriends good enough for my daughters. They are still on a fine thread. As long as they treat my daughters well, they are fine by me.

    As any of my daughters will tell you, once they turn the magic age of 18, I no longer tell them what to do. I give my opinion, and they have all realized that it is my opinion. The only thing I can do (and would if they pushed me) would be to push them out of the house. So far, they’ve all gone in their own good time. I believe in letting them fly on their own. It is good for them and me.

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